What Our Clients Say About Us
We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction levels.
Please see below for just a portion of some of the testimonials from our current and past clients.

Ford Aerospace -  one to one via Zoom - Bespoke Excel Course - June 2021

“Maggie has a great way of delivering complex aspects of Excel in a clear and understandable way. Making her classes ideal for all levels of learner and especially for those looking to utilize the more in-depth side of Excel”.

The training has most definitley improved my efficiency at work. Now with the knowledge to utilize functions of Excel that I wasn't even aware existed I am able to perform tasks and gain outcomes at a must faster pace. Setting up the spreadsheets in the correct way from the start will also enable me to use them for future calculates and data analysis. 
I thought the pace of delivery was excellent and Maggie was great in making sure I understood the current assignment before moving forward to the next section. Excellent delivery.

Virgin Money - Excel Introduction and Pivot Tables -September 2019
4 workshops - 9 members of staff.  100% ticks for excellent
I thought the content and the pace of delivery were excellent and gave enough time for for people to catch up if they fell behind at any point.  Easy to follow instructions both in the booklets and through the presentation by Maggie.
Mind blowingly useful.  I have already applied some of the techniques to my daily role.Fantastic support from Maggie.
I have found the training excellent.  Pivot Tables are also fantastic, I have already applied these to one of my existing sheets to analyse broker performance once month on month.  Pace was excellent.

Walker Filtration - Introduction to Excel 365 August 2019
2 workshops, total of 12 members of staff trained. 100% ticks for Excellent
I thought the training was excellent and this will help me when collating information in the future.
Enjoyed the course was extremely helpful. Maggie went at an excellent pace so i could understand. Thank you so much.
Maggie didn't make me feel stupid and was very helpful. Really excellent session.  Learnt a lot and it was very easy to understand.  I have learnt simple things I didn't know existed.  Brilliant Trainer smiley

Castle Building Services - Excel Intermediate June 2019
9 members of staff trained.  100% ticks for excellent/Very good
The training has improved my efficiency at work as I have learnt many new and very helpful formulas and tools that will improve the spreadsheets I use on a weekly basis. 
I think the booklet we were given is brilliant and easy to follow. There was plenty of content and variety to choose from. 
Excellent course Maggie.  Thank you so much

Snorkel - Europe - bespoke Excel workshops November 2018
7 members of staff trained. 100% excellent ticks for quality of training
I have already started using information that I have learnt that I had no idea of, this has already made a positive impact to my job and made controlling info + stock much easier. Thank  you Maggie smiley
Maggie has been very helpfull and a very patient trainer.
Training was delivered at a good pace and Maggie explained everything so everyone understood.

Snorkel - Europe - bespoke Excel workshops September 2018
6 members of staff trained.  100% excellent ticks for quality of training.
We were shown lots of different short cuts which are coming in very usefull and save time in my job. 
Great idea for Maggie to provide us with the workbooks to keep and also a CD so we have them to check in the future if needed. 
Everything was perfect, Maggie is very knowledgable and explains everything to you very well.  It was a pleasure to be taught by her.
Good combination of instruction of functions and useful shortcuts and methods to improve efficiency, clearly gained from Maggie's experience.

Snorkel - Europe - bespoke Excel workshops June 2018
3 members of staff trained.  100% excellent ticks for quality of training.
The course gave me some wider knowledge on what I can do on Excel, it will help to add to efficiency of my work and is already making an impact. 
Everything was delivered at a pace that was comfortable and was very enjoyable.

NHS Northumberland Tyne and Wear - Excel Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced - August 2018
12 members of staff trained.  100% excellent ticks for quality of training.
 So useful and time saving. I never realised how much Excel could do! 
The training was well presented by an extremely knowledgable trainer.  The course content was excellent and very informative.  Look forward to putting my new found skills into good use.  Many many thanks. 
Too many new skills to mention, excellent course and teacher. I have struggled with Excel for years.  No more counting records manually. 
Short cuts and ways to manipulate large spreadsheets now really easy to do. 
3D formulae, inserting data into more than one sheet at once and pivot tables are SO useful

Renolit - Cramlington - Excel Introduction and Intermediate - July 2018
9 members of staff trained. 100% excellent ticks for quality of training.
Very useful as I did not have any computer training. I will be able to input data and formulas with more confidence, Will significantly improve the pace of my work.
The advice was great, a lot of time saving. "if statements" were completely new and will halp massively in the future. I think the next step is to take the more advanced course.  Thank you so much.
I have learned valuable new shortcuts and skills that will improve my spreadsheet skills, e.g. "IF" statements and Pivot Tables - of which I had no previous experience.

Chamilia Ltd - Bespoke Excel workshops - May 2018
15 staff trained over 2 days. 99% excellent ticks for quality of training.
Will definitely help me improve my efficiency at work. I shall be able to review my data a lot quicker with pivot tables. Lots of shortcuts which will save time. Maggie provided me with some useful tips on my daily sales spreadsheets. Everything was brilliant. 
The booklets are superb. Nested "if" statements and adding data point to graphs will help me streamline my work.

Leybourne Urwin Ltd - Excel Intermediate and Advanced - March to April 2018
All excellent in tick boxes. 2 members of staff trained.
Loved the course, learned so many new skills which I'm hoping to use regularly. Maggie is a great teacher and makes you feel so at ease. We Will definitely use Maggie again for any other training needs.

Castle Building Services - Excel Intermediate and Advanced Workshops delivered February to March 2018
All excellent in tick boxes plus the following remarks from staff
Efficiency will be improved - I found Absolute references, Group formatting of sheets and freezing panes most useful
A lot of time will be saved using the shortcuts, Pivot tables, IF statements and nested IF statements
All excellent, especially Pivot tables and conditional formatting
I have learned how to save time when analysing data such as invoices and hire data
I now know how to create formulas more quickly and review/analyse a lot of data using pivot tables
Will definitely work more efficiently using all of the new skills

Kath Hetherington HR Manager - Thermo Fisher Scientific (Cramlington) January 2018
During the past 10 years we have worked closely with MSC Computer Training (Maggie Cottier) deciding on what courses to run on site to develop our staff.
With Maggie advise and guidance we have run several workshops over the 10 year period:

  • Word for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Excel for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Bespoke sessions for 1:1 training
  • Bespoke courses around other software and procedures

As well as the training on site Maggie has also made herself available to people via email/phone and a few people have sent her spreadsheets and asked if she could assist them and all have been happy with the outcome.
The feedback from all who attended was excellent and all said they would recommend the training to others.
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Mike and Ali McCoy - ME PAT services December 2017
Hi Maggie  as you know computer systems are updating so fast such as windows, 8, 10 etc, that it is not only hard to keep up with the changes but within their own software they become over complicated - well you simply make sense of it all and you help us through the forest of confusion... Furthermore your approach is so different to other PC teachers in you "ask" what the client wants not "tell" them what they want.. I have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Access (Bespoke 1-1) Training Course - Sophie Read of TSG Marine November 2017
Thank you very much to Maggie for her bespoke Access training course. Maggie is a very patient trainer taking me right through from a basic course to advanced level. Highly recommended. 

Sage Accounts Bespoke - Kirsten Brammen of Advanced Workshops Feburary 2017
We have used Sage for invoicing purposes for a number of years now and we wanted to start to use the system to its full potential but did not know where to start. Maggie has been wonderful with originally visiting to find out exactly what we wanted and needed and then calling back to help us put it into action as and when we were ready. Once she knew exactly what we wanted to do, she explained very clearly how to do it. She also showed me how to update templates, which was causing me no end of grief! There are still other parts of the system to discover and in time we will definitely be contacting Maggie again to help us understand and begin to fully use the system as it should be used.

Pivot Tables Workshop -  Town Hall Chambers December 2016
An excellent training session at Wallsend on pivot tables yesterday. Can't believe how clever they are (the pivot tables) and Maggie is one of those rare people who really knows her stuff and, more importantly, is able to explain it clearly and to get it across. If only more teachers had that ability. Great course - now to put it into practice...

Pivot Tables -  NHS St Nicholas Hospital October 2016
Another excellent session.  Very thorough training that covered the use of pivot tables in Excel.  Practical examples and exercises were helpful to practice what was being taught.  I have applied the learning to a large spreadsheet of data that we produce on a 6 monthly basis.  What would have taken hours to days has taken minutes!!! Thank you.  The session could not be improved at all.

Excel Introduction -  Renolit September 2016
Very good session for me as i am a novice on Excel.  Hopefully I can use it in the future and not forget what I have learned today.

Excel Intermediate -  Renolit September 2016
I have learned a lot in one training session, at a level where I feel I could understand in greater detail how Excel works.  The course was very good at all levels which I was comfortable with, I was well impressed with the whole session and it doesn't need to be improved at all.

Accountancy - Marjorie Smith August 2016
I have been studying for my AAT with a correspondence course and I didn't think that I would ever pass my AAT exams because I just couldn't grasp how double entry worked no matter how hard I tried. So I bit on the bullet and paid Maggie to come and help me.  What a wonder, she not only helped me to understand bookkeeping but also helped me to understand the real difference between a Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss account.   It is also great to have that free advice helpline - i have used it twice so far.  Maggie is fantastic at explaining things in a really simple way.  Thank you so much Maggie, I passed my first set of exams with flying colours. 

Excel and Outlook - Arriva PLC July 2016
Maggie was asked to give training on Excel and Outlook to the reception team at Arriva Plc. Her expertise and wealth of knowledge along with her patience and unique ability to build an instant rapport with staff made the training really meaningful and worthwhile. All of them left the classes feeling confident and enthusiastic. The real jewel in the crown was having the opportunity to create a totally bespoke package for our requirements. It is a pleasure to work with Maggie and she is highly recommended.

Word for Long Documents - Town Hall Chambers, Wallsend June 2016
I have loved every minute of this course, excellent teaching as usual. It was great to learn how to modify headings and manage the paragraph numbering and knowing how to create an automatic Table of Contents would have saved me so much time when I did my dissertation!!!

Excel Advanced workshop - Town Hall Chambers, Wallsend April 2016
Caroline Janes from Changing Lives:  All was excellent, any questions asked were answere and I understood what went wrong in the beginning. I can't think of any aspect of this training that could be improved
Sharon Watson from Executype PA: Ticked the excellent box for everything - loved every second of it Thank you
Sarah Howells from Executype PA: Ticked the excellent box for everything - really enjoyed having the time to go through everything in detail

Excel Intermediate - ADM Pressings - Scotswood April 2016
Brilliant. Can't fault the training, I feel there is more to cover but am confident this will be done in the Advanced session

Excel Intermediate Course - Wallsend Town Hall 31 March 2016
I liked how Maggie made sure we were all okay with what we were doing.  I liked the "if statements" and linking sheets. It was really good and was really educational and such a good teacher.

ADM Pressings - Scotswood November 2015 - March 2016
Sample of staff feedback on a series of courses for groups of up to 6.  Excel Introduction up to Excel Advanced levels.
Excellent training session, using Pivot Tables was great.  Enjoyable Course - I'm not usually very good with these thing's but I had great help throughout. Left feeling confident and found 3D formulae really useful. Course ran at great pace with no one left behind. All topics covered brilliantly.  This was a great course, it reminded me of a lot and filledin my learning gaps. Training targetted at my specific needs, identified additional shortcuts I could use, very knowledgable trainer who explained the topics well.

Jamie - Thermo Fisher December 2015
Bespoke Excel Advanced session - Advanced conditional formatting, Pivot tables, Vlookups combined with Pivot Tables, Sumifs, Countifs
Excellent all round. 
The training targetted my specific needs and identified additional shortcuts I could use.  Maggie is a very knowledgable trainer who explained the topics well.

Andrew Willson November 2015
AQCT-Pivot Tables course

It's Maggie's broad knowledge that makes the session so valuable.  You would really be unlucky not to pick up additional gems around the subject on top of the core material

Stacey Taylor November 2015
TSG Marine
Great Course outline, great books and layout

Denise Taylor
Castle Building Services

We would like to say thanks for the great tuition we received.
It was great to be able to carry it out by video conference which made the whole experience more relaxed. I didn’t feel as stressed as the last time I had travelled down for the Microsoft Word and Project training. It really made such a difference.
I have already put the training to good use with various spreadsheets and I will find it invaluable with my university course (shh don’t tell anyone I said that)



Amy-Jayne Walters
Renolit Cramlington

I really enjoyed the course, Maggie was lovely and really helpful, she went at a nice steady pace for me to learn everything, it was a good experience and I suggest that others take the course just to freshen up on your IT skills, I thought I was pretty good on the computer because I am 18 and have used computers all my life but I needed to refresh my memory with the excel training and it worked, I now use excel without any problems and can get tasks completed quicker than normal. Really suggest if you get the chance to take this course it is really useful.
Mike McCoy

ME PAT Services

To say we have found MSC's excellent computer training services vital to our businesses is an understatement as both myself and my wife/business partner are dyslexic so not only did we need someone who not only understood dyslexia but also was very patient which Maggs was both. add to this she that is also very knowledgeable and very "un-geeky" as i find most tend to be in her industry. i would highly recommend MSC Computer Training at every opportunity. Thank you for all of the excellent work you have given us.
yours Mike and Alison McCoy

Sarah Corcoran
HR at Balfour Beatty WorkSmart

Maggie is a patient and fun teacher, setting the perfect pace throughout each session regardless of the wide variety of skill sets. Maggie makes IT training a pleasure due to her competency and warm personality

Gillian Hall - Mancala - Sage
"MSC's bepoke training program has allowed me to learn at my own speed on the programs I needed. Their patience and support on accountacy software has proved to be invaluable for me and has really helped us take control of our finances. It's also a great comfort to know that if I make a mistake they are on the end of the phone to help me sort it out..."


University of Northumbria staff training - Various courses

Best training day I have ever been on in my 6 years at Northumbria.  Delivery excellent, Maggie made it so easy to understand.  Content completely relevant to all in attendance, trainer communicated throughout the day on what people needed to know.  Wish I had done this training years ago.  Brilliant!

The trainer was excellent and took time out to look at some of our spreadsheets that we use at work which was very helpful and much appreciated

Maggie was great, once I have built up my confidence at this intermediate stage I will return for the advanced   Maggie is a very good teacher, very approachable and makes it really easy and comprehensible to work through Excel and learn.

Thank Maggie for her professional approach, knowledge and ability to discern the learning needs of the course members.


Anne Ropner    Home User

"As a complete novice...your home tuition on a one-to-one basis, on one’s own computer is invaluable, and your patient and clear explanations and demonstrations of the most basic facts have been entirely responsible for getting me going! It is good to know I can still call on your help when needed."


NHS Northern - Excel Intermediate and Advanced
"Excellently run event which made me feel very at ease, particularly as I arrived very late after a very tedious Journey. "
"Excellent facilitator.  Made excel seem easy.  Came away feeling confident and more knowledgable."
"Extremely well facilitated - very approachable trainer - Maggie rocks!  "
"Facilitation on this course was very good.  Maggie was very friendly and welcoming and had plenty of patience!  Training was spot on, liked the idea of being presented with exercises on a CD and solutions if you get stuck. Overall an enjoyable course - keep it up."
"Excellent, facilitator had patience and time for everyone, felt very comfortable to ask questions and liked that it was a small group.  I liked that you could discuss/get advice on use of own spreadsheets."
"A very well run course which contained useful and relevant information.  The facilitator was also very good picking up on basic stuff that we did not know and went over items of use. "