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Are you frustrated with your computer software?

Do you feel as though you will never understand how to manage Word or Excel?

How can you speed up your processing?

See below for many hints and tips that you might find useful.

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Excel tips

Printing large amounts of spreadsheet data

which cells contain decimal numbers

A quick way of hiding/showing columns in a spreadsheet

Calculating age in excel

Drop down lists in excel

create a chart without a chart

Excel Impress your colleagues with this quick way to navigate through a mult-sheet workbook

How to hide error messages when printing a spreadsheet

How to insert an autosum function into a spreadsheet using a keyboard shortcut

Would you like to format cells with a colour code when a specific date has passed?

Insert a Graph/Chart on to a spreadsheet with the touch of a single key

Highlight whole rows using Conditional Formatting

Freeze rows and columns on your spreadsheet screen

Colour code a record in a spreadsheet using conditional formatting

Format your spreadsheet as a table

Some useful short cut keys for Excel

Word Tips

Using keyboard short cuts to apply line spacing in Word

How to highlight everything in a document quickly

change background colour of Word documents

General tips

Keep your Microsoft files safe by protecting them with a password

Using Google Spreadsheet docs