COVID 19 - delivery of future workshops

Response to Covid 19

I seems that Covid 19 is going to be a long term problem, especially given the onset of winter and lack of medication to date. 

On Site training

In order to ensure that my customers, and myself, are as safe as possible during these difficult times I have carried out a risk assessment and will make the following provision for any training that is delivered on site:

  • I shall wear a clear face guard to protect trainees from droplets breathed out and this will also ensure that any trainee who is hard of hearing can use lipreading to understand what I say. 
  • All equipment (e.g. laptops, mice, cables etc.) belonging to MSC will be cleaned with disinfectant prior to training, and again after the workshop.
  • Disposable gloves will be worn during the process of booklet binding to eliminate the possibility of passing on germs via the paper medium.
  • Social distancing of at least 2 metres will be maintained throughout every session.


Virtual Courses

Courses can be delivered to groups of trainees via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  Please contact Maggie to discuss dates, times and prices.

Keep safe, Keep well