Line Spacing in Word using the keyboard

Double line spacing in Word

Ctrl & 2

Single line spacing in Word

Ctrl & 1

Excel help - moving through worksheets using the keyboard


When navigating through the sheets of a multi-sheet spread sheet

  • Hold down the Ctrl Key and use the page down key to move to the right
  • Hold down the Ctrl Key and use the page up key to move to the left.

Automatic Paragraph spacing in Word

When typing a letter or report it can be a bit of a chore using the enter key twice to place a gap between paragraphs.   To save a bit of time use the Line spacing tool from the paragraph group of tools on the Home tab.

This option allows you to choose the amount of space you wish to place between each paragraph.  6pts is a half line gap for 12 pt text.   Every time the enter key is pressed you will see the gap inserted between each paragraph automatically.   This is particularly useful for a range of bullet points. 

Turn error checking off in Excel

 When working with an Excel Spread sheet there is occasionally a little green triangle at the top right-hand corner of some of the cells.  The triangle is telling you that Excel thinks that there is something wrong with a formula that you have replicated or copied into a range of cells.

If you find this irritating or just want to turn it off follow the procedure below:

Select File and choose Options from the menu (Office 2007 users should click on the Office Button and choose Excel Options)

Click Formula at the left-hand side of the dialogue box

Quickly format Excel and Word documents



There are times when a document is created, either in Word or Excel, and saved, but the style of the headings, or particular paragraphs needs to be changed throughout the document.  This can be an onerous task.  Format painter can be used to re-create a particular style throughout the document after it has been typed:

Using Format Painter

Move through sheets in an Excel workbook

Moving through worksheets in a workbook using the keyboard

If you have a lot of sheets in an excel workbook you can move through the sheets quickly using the keyboard.

 Hold down the ctrl key and use page up to move left or page down to move right

If you prefer to use a mouse try clicking on the small navigation arrows at the bottom left hand corner of the current sheet.   A list of pages will appear. Click on the name of the page you wish to select. (see below)

Short Cut Keys to autosum and charts - excel

 Two useful short cut keys in excel.

The first is the quick way to automatically add together the range of the contents of cells.

Place the cursor in the cell where you want to place the function

hold down the Alt key and press the = key

The autosum tool will insert the formula  =SUM(First cell:Last Cell) into the cell, but don't forget to check and change the range of cells added together.

Excel Advanced Conditional Formatting

Create a rule to format a row or record

This exercise will colour code the record for all of those records where salesperson is stored in Column H (the Job Title column).

Placing a simple automated field into a Word document

Placing a simple automated field into a Word document

You can place automated fields in a Word document that allow the user to press the F11 key to jump to specific parts of text.