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MSC Specialises in training employees of SME's on computer programs, creating bespoke and one to one training packages, which suit both the needs of the employee and the budget of the employer

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How safe are your computer programmes?

I am sure and I hope that all of you have a backup system on your computer that copies all of your data to a cloud based system or a hard disk system?? However, have you thought about all of those programmes that you have installed?  If your system went pear shaped how would you retrieve all of the licence numbers etc.  It could take a long long time to contact all of those company’s to retrieve and re-install everything on your computer.

Password Protect Files

Password protect your files:

There are two ways to protect your files, one is to allow others to view but not modify the file, the other is to use one/two passwords to be able to open and modify the file.

    Select File/Save as

    When the save as window is displayed select the Options drop down arrow (beside the Save button)

     Choose General Options

Highlighting text in a document or on a page

Highlight ALL text in a spreadsheet, Word document, or any page on the internet or your computer screen

(this will work instantly even if a Word document, for example, is 100’s of pages long)

  • Place the cursor within an area of text
  • Hold the Ctrl key down on the keyboard
  • Press the letter A

Conditional Formatting for dates

Conditional formatting for dates in the future

To automatically format cells that contain dates in the future (the example below identifies dates that are more than 3 months ahead) use the edate function along with the today() function

Use keyboard short cut keys to insert an AutoSum formula in Excel

Use Keyboard short cut to AutoSum a column or row of figures

Most of us use the Autosum tool, or type the formula =SUM(FirstCell:LastCell) into a cell to add together a range of cells that contain numbers.   If you are a “keyboard” user you may prefer to use the following method:

  • Place the cursor in the cell where the formula is to be placed
  • Hold down the Alt key and press the = key
  • The AutoSum formula will be inserted into the cell.


Pivot Tables Course at Wallsend Town Hall

Pivot Tables bite size courses

At Wallsend Town Hall @TownHallChmbers

We normally only deliver courses on-site to our customers but it was suggested that I could perhaps arrange some bite size sessions on specific subjects at a training venue.  Nothing ventured nothing gained, and so the “bite size” sessions (2 hours) on using Pivot tables in Excel was arranged for 9th September. 

Is my company mushrooming beyond manageable size

OK so your business is growing, more customers are coming on board and so you earn more money, you employ more staff but more customers are coming on board and so you earn more money.  And so the spiral continues. 



Have you missed an important deadline? Again!!!  Why do you keep sending letters to the wrong person, or the old address of a customer?  Why does it take two days to complete work that used to take one day?

Hide Error Functions on Excel Printouts

When printing a spreadsheet that contains error codes, e.g. #DIV/0!. #N/A, many people delete the cells that contain the errors prior to printing – they may then forget to undo the deletions when closing the spreadsheet.

You can choose to have Excel not print the error values.

Follow these steps:

  • Select the Page Layout tab on the ribbon.
  • Click the small arrow at the lower-right of the Page Setup group. Excel displays the Page Setup dialog box.


Windows 10

Windows 10

New browser: Microsoft Edge

You can make annotations on an internet page with text boxes, highlighter tools shapes etc. and save the image of the page to Onenote. 

(Onenote is a Microsoft application that is a bit like an electronic Filofax and can be used to store and record documents, task lists and other items within folders and pages within the folders).  

New Start up menu